naaman_strona1Strength 2011
A debut album, entitled “Strength” is reggae from the typical Jamaican dub beats and modern roots. There are also elements of funk and soul. Naaman is including three vocalists, which greatly extend the number of possible arrangements. Thirteen songs collected on the album is a spatial, winged with soul vocals and cheerful sounds. The band has done an excellent job for the whole composition, pulsating bass, keyboards cooperating with each guitar and drums move most optimistic parts of the soul. The music is complemented by thoughtful lyrics, which speak of human actions – emotions.
Another strong accent of “Strength” is roots song “His Love” with its distinctive and characteristic male vocal.

Recording: Pawel Zając ( Studio Echo – Św. Katarzyna )
Mastering: Marcin Bors
Publisher: Lion Stage Records 2011